What’s worse?

Is it worse to mess up on my relationship with G-d, or with my fellow?

This week's Torah portion and its two stories of the early ancestors of mankind shed light on what G-d considers to be more important. Each story is about the misdeeds of the generation and the punishment G-d imposed on the people accordingly.

One story was about the dispersion and exile of the entire population from their origins in the Middle East to all corners of the globe. This was a punishment for their conspiring to build a tall tower with which they had hoped to reach the heavens and wage war with G-d.

Another story is that of the great flood which came as a punishment for the immorality and corruption of mankind’s behaviour toward one another. This flood totally drowned an entire generation, with only Noach and his family surviving.
From this Parsha, we see that even more important to G-d than the way we treat Him, is the way we treat our fellow.