Celebrate Passover

Join us for the Seder

If you live in Battersea and are looking for somewhere to enjoy the Seder nights, look no further! Rabbi Moshe and Gitty Adler would like to invite you to join them for an interactive and enjoyable Seder with Matzah, wine and delicious food.

To join them, please contact us or email rabbi@jewishbattersea.com before Thursday 22nd of March 

Find a Seder

Going to be out of town for the Seder?  Click here to find a Seder anywhere in the world.

Got Matzah?

For the Seder Night, it is best to use traditional handmade Shmurah Matzah. 

If you would like to grace your table with this special Matzah, please contact us or email info@jewishbattersea.com.

Sell your Chametz

On Passover we are not allowed to eat or own Chametz (leavened food). Therefore it is customary to sell our Chametz for the duration of the holiday.

To be able to keep this important custom, click here and you will be directed to the Sale of Chametz form facilitated by chabad.org.


Passover Resource Centre

To learn more about Passover, including tips and tricks to spruce up your Seder, click here.