Leap of Faith

Our ancestors didn’t run away from Egypt, they ran away from themselves.

The Torah emphasises multiple times how the Jewish People rushed out of Egypt. In fact, to this very day we eat Matzah on Pesach to commemorate how they didn’t have enough time to let their dough rise before leaving.

Wouldn’t the Egyptians have been sufficiently fed up with the Jews and the plagues to happily let the Jews go? Why does it sound like they went out like prisoners in the night, grabbing whatever they could find, not even having enough time to pack a proper sandwich for lunch?

The truth is that they weren’t running from the Egyptians, rather, their own doubts. Would their new life really be better than their current oppressed but settled state?

So they ran. They ran towards a brighter future, they ran headfirst into the unknown, because they believed that if they would follow Moshe, everything would work out.

 Until today, we remember that rushed escape, because throughout life, approaching a new venture or major step, we too face such moments. Like our ancestors, let us decide to run. Let us take a leap of faith and leave those nagging doubts in Egypt.