Crouched like a lion

After wandering for 40 years in the desert, the Jewish people were getting closer to the land of Israel. On the way, some of the surrounding nations tried to wage war against the Jews and were miraculously defeated. The enemies of the Jewish people turned to the prophet Bilaam for a spiritual solution; perhaps he could curse the Jewish people. 
Bilaam agreed, however, although his aim was to curse the Jews, Hashem arranged for blessings to come from his mouth instead. 
Each of these blessings is truly an eye opener and helps to understand the strength of the Jewish people and our continuity despite all the hardships we’ve endured throughout thousands of years.
One line that I found particularly poignant states “He crouched and lay down like a lion-who can stand him up” 
What exactly is the blessing hidden in these poetic words?
The ‘crouched lion’ here refers to the Jewish people, and “who can stand him up” is a reference to G-d:
Just as a lion is the strongest of all animals and as the Talmud tells us, cannot be domesticated, the Jewish people sometimes are ‘crouched down’, low and downtrodden in hard times – yet still strong as a lion, in the way that no one has true control over us besides G-d himself. 
When we realise this and follow Him faithfully, then he will ‘stand us up’, and help us overcome any difficulties.

Adapted from the wisdom of the Rebbe, LK"S V.2 Parshat Balak