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We are pleased to offer the community a weekly study group, which will take place every Tuesday evening from 8-9 pm. We will delve into topics of interest from the Torah portion and their contemporary lessons. This class is open to both men and women. Light refreshments will be served.

Below is our schedule of classes and topics for the month of June as well as previous topics from May. Each week will be a self contained discussion so you are welcome to join us whenever you like, no prior knowledge is necessary.

June 2018

Tuesday 12th of June - 29th of Sivan
Sparks of Wisdom
In this session we will delve into 10 profound ideas handpicked from the Lubavitcher Rebbe's teachings, each exploring a fresh perspective to an important area of our lives.

Tuesday 19th of June - 6th of Tammuz
To Forgive and Forget
Learn from Moses' complete and never ending forgiveness to the Jewish people despite all the troubles they had caused him in the desert.

Tuesday 26th of June - 13th of Tammuz
Parshat Balak?
Why do we choose to name the Torah portion after one of the greatest enemies of the Jewish people? Shouldn't his name be obliterated?

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Each session is free and open to the entire community, but if you like what we do and would like to contribute please click here. 

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Past Topics

May 2018

Tuesday 1st May- Iyar 16: 
Defining G-d
If G-d is beyond definition, what is the meaning of the descriptions we find for G-d in the Torah and what rules does He follow?

Tuesday 8th May - Iyar 23
Servants, Employees or Partners?
Exploring our relationship with G-d and his legal responsibilities towards us.

Tuesday 15th May - Sivan 1
What happened at Sinai?
Were the Jewish people forced to accept the Torah? If so what validity does that acceptance have today?

Tuesday 22nd May - Sivan 8
Utilising life to its fullest 
What lesson can we learn from the seemingly stingy behavior of the Tabernacle's greatest donors?

Tuesday 29th May - Sivan 15
Rectifying the Past.
We all understand that we can change our behavior for the better in the future, but how can we change the past?